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4/7/2014 Triple Play has moved!
Hello everyone. As some of you already know, Triple Play's location in West Lebanon is no longer open. We are now open in Claremont! The new address is 42 Opera House Square. We are in the roundabout, right off of Tremont Street and across from Pleasant Street. We are next door neighbors with Revolution Cantina. Come find us at our new location!

3/15/2014 Call of Cthulhu LCG Store Championship
Triple Play will be hosting a Call of Cthulhu LCG Store Championship on Saturday, March 15th, starting at 10:30am. Cost $7, alt. art promos for everyone

A few things to keep in mind for the Born of the Gods Pre-release, this Sat. Feb 1 and Sun. Feb 2!

1. Do NOT park up against any of the buildings in the plaza! Our neighbors have customers too, so please park in spaces by the road, across the street at the Powerhouse, or behind the buildings.

2. Michael Polletta has graciously offered to purchase 25 pizzas for his fellow gamers for the Saturday tournament! He is not asking for anything in return, but if you want to chip in a few bucks he wont turn it away. The store will also have a full stock of soda and candy to supplement your pizza lunch!

3. Registration begins at 9am and the tournament will begin at 10am SHARP! You must be there before 10am in order to play.

4. If you want to save the trouble of fighting your fellow gamer for land cards from the store box, think about bringing a little bit of each color along for your personal use.

5. Get ready to have fun!

See you there! :)

1/5/2014 Magic: the Gathering Born of the Gods
The Magic: the Gathering Born of the Gods pre-release is just around the corner! Saturday, Feb. 2nd and Sunday Feb. 3rd. $25 to enter, sealed deck play. Registration begins at 9am, and the tournament starts at 10am SHARP! We are limited on space, so pre-register today by calling or stopping by the store! While youre at it, let us know if youd like to pre-order a sealed booster box of the new set, released on Feb. 7th. The first 20 people get an exclusive buy-a-box promo! Boxes cost $120.

BLACK FRIDAY is coming!

We will be opening extra early at NOON on Friday November 29th, with the following sales in effect!

20% off EVERYTHING (except Magic products and singles)
30% off Warhammer Fantasy products!
3 for $10 on all CCG booster packs!
The stickered items will be 30% and 40% off, and our clearance tables will be brimming with items just for this day!

See you soon :)

Two announcements, one for Magic players, and one for fans of Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok! This Saturday, we are having a Standard tournament, starting at 12 noon SHARP. $10 entry fee, and the first place prize is a sealed copy of From the Vault: 20! Other prizes will be awarded based on attendance, so tell your friends, bring your mom and build your dog a deck! Also: Anyone who saw the Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok RPG in action at Carnage and didnt get a chance to buy a copy...GOOD NEWS! Triple Play has two of the core rulebook in stock, as well as 3 copies of Fafnirs Treasure, a sourcebook loaded with viking treasures. See you soon :)

10/11/2013 Super Smash Bros Tournament
Come play the brawling classic! Starting at 12pm, ending around 6pm. $15 entry fee. If enough people attend, the grand prize will be a a WII U or a PS4!!! Other prizes will be on hand in case we dont get enough for the big one, but tell your friends and bring them!


We have a ton of board games and other things on sale!

Anything with a PINK sticker is 20% off! Anything with a GREEN sticker is 30% off!

All D&D books are 20% off!

Four entire shelves of Trade Paperbacks 50% off!

All Dystopian Wars items 30% off!

Out with the old, in with the new! Help us make room for some holiday goodies.

See you soon :)

Magic players did you miss your chance to get a copy of From the Vault: 20? Theres another chance! This Saturday 9/28, we are having a Standard format tournament. Registration begins at 11am, and the tournament starts at 12 noon SHARP. $10 entry fee. There will be scaled prizes based on attendance and first place gets a sealed copy of FTV:20!

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the Magic: the Gathering THEROS Pre-release! We are starting registration at 9am, and the games being at 10am SHARP! Be here BEFORE 10am! And please do not park up against the buildings in our plaza. Either park down by the street, or across the street in the Powerhouse Mall parking lot. See you soon! :)

Theros Pre-release is only a week away! Dont forget to pre-register by calling the store or stopping by! Saturday 9/21 and Sunday 9/22. We still have some spots, but dont miss out!

Magic Celebration is tomorrow 9/7. FREE TO PLAY! Registration begins at 10am and the tournament starts at 11am. Everyone who attends is guaranteed to get FREE CARDS! So come on down!

Its that time again! The Magic: the Gathering THEROS Pre-release will take place on Saturday 9/21 and Sunday 9/22. Both days, registration begins at 9:00AM and the tournaments start at 10:00AM SHARP! Entry is $25 which gets you six boosters of the new set plus exclusive Pre-release promo cards! Pre-register now by stopping in or calling the store to ensure you place! We can only fit 60 people so make sure youre one of them.

Magic players! Did you miss out on a copy of From the Vault: 20 featuring Jace, the Mind Sculptor? You have another chance! On Saturday 9/28 we will have a Standard tournament in which the grand prize is a sealed copy of FTV: 20! $10 entry fee, and registration begins at 11am. The tournament will start at 12 noon SHARP!

Call now to reserve a box of M14 which releases this Friday! They will only be $110 this time around and the first 20 people to pick up their box gets the exclusive buy-a-box promo, Colossal Whale.

6/22/2013 Magic M14 Core Set Pre-release
The M14 Pre-release is just around the corner! Saturday July 13th and Sunday July 14th we will be hosting pre-releases at the store. $25 entry fee for sealed deck tournaments. Registration begins at 9am and the tournaments start at 10am sharp! Pre-register now by calling or stopping by the store to add your name to the list. We have 60 slots available. See you there!

We will be closed this Sunday the 26th, as the landlord is paving the parking lot. Have a happy Memorial Day!

Important announcement regarding Magic: the Gathering Modern Masters! Due to heavy allocation, we will not have any Modern Masters for sale at the store. However, we will be getting enough to do several draft events! We will not be raising prices or gouging anyone (unlike the online stores, where these things are selling for 200-300 dollars a box). Each draft will be $28. Thats the price of 3 packs ($7 per retail), plus $7 per person which will be put into a pack prize pool for the top 3! Friday June 7ths FNM will be Modern Masters drafting, and we will also be holding drafts that Saturday the 8th! Pods will be eight players exactly, so bring your friends down and take advantage of these exclusive events! We will only have a limited amount of this product, so join us. :)

4/30/2013 Dragons Maze booster boxes
Great news everyone! We do not have an allocation issue with Dragons Maze, the new Magic: the Gathering expansion released with Friday! For the first time in quite a long time, ANYONE can buy a sealed booster box of the new set this weekend! We are still limiting the buy-a-box promos to the first 20 people who pre-ordered, but anyone is welcome (in fact, encouraged!) to walk in and buy a box :) See you all soon!

3/31/2013 Closed Easter Sunday
We will be closed Easter Sunday

3/19/2013 Dragons Maze Pre-Release
The next Magic pre-release, Dragons Maze, will be held here on Saturday April 27th AND Sunday April 28th! Both days will be $25 entry fee sealed deck tournaments. Registration starts at 9am, and the games begin at 10am sharp. Please pre-register by calling or stopping by the store to add your name to the list to ensure your spot! And while youre at it, let us know if you plan to purchase a booster box of Dragons Maze so we can guarantee you get it.

The calendar (Just off to the left there) has been updated! We have a lot of events scheduled for March, so we hope to see you soon!

The Magic: the Gathering Gatecrash pre-release will be held on Saturday, January 26th here at Triple Play! We will begin registration at 9am, and the tournament will start at 10am sharp. $25 entry fee. Please call or stop by the store to pre-register so we can guarantee you a spot!

We will be closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 22nd. We will be open normal hours on Wednesday for board game night, and join us on Black Friday for some sales in the store! 10% off everything in the store, 20% off GW and Privateer Press products, and selected trade paperbacks will be 50% off!

10/31/2012 Store closing early for Halloween
The store will close early today for Halloween (5ish). No Gaming at the store tonight.

Just a heads up to Magic fans...unfortunately due to allocation (every store got this, even online dealers), we are unable to sell sealed booster boxes of Return to Ravnica in this first week. Those of you who pre-ordered for the buy a box program will get yours, but until we get a regular supply of product we cant sell boxes. We still have intro packs, fat packs and boosters for sale of course, and I hope to see you for some RtR drafting tomorrow night!

10/3/2012 Extra Life Charity Game Day
On Saturday, October 20th we will be having a game day from 9am to midnight in honor of the Extra Life charity, which donates money to childrens hospitals across the country. Come join us for a full day of games, including a 40k tournament, a Magic Legacy tournament, and plenty of open gaming and raffles. More details can be found on the forums, in the Store News and Events forum.

9/2/2012 Return to Ravnica
We are now taking pre-orders for Return to Ravnica sealed booster boxes, as well as pre-registration for the RtR pre-release. The pre-release will be on Saturday 9/29, and the set is release the following Friday, October 5th. Please call the store or stop by to add your name to the list!

Magic M13 Core Set Prerelease will be held on Saturday July 7th at Triple Play! Registration begins at 9am, and the games will begin at 10am SHARP. $25 gets you 6 booster packs with which to build a deck. Please call the store during open hours and let us know if you plan to attend so we can get a headcount in preparation for the day.

7/7/2012 Descent Second Edition Preview Event
The Descent Second Edition Preview Event is your chance to be among the first to experience the return of the dungeon delve! Preview games will be run on Saturday and Sunday: Saturday July 7th 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM Sunday July 8th 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM Sign up by sending an email to, or by signing up in the store. For more info and updates, follow the thread on our board game forum. Sign up early, as there is limited availability! You may sign up for both days, but people who have not had a chance to play always go first.

7/4/2012 Store Closed Wednesday July 4th
The store will be closed Wednesday July 4th

We have 20 buy-a-box promos for people who purchase a sealed booster box of Avacyn Restored! Call or stop by before Friday to put your name down to ensure you get your foil promo Silverblade Paladin. These cards are limited to 20 per store, and can only be acquired by supporting your local game store!

Avacyn Restored release event! Saturday May 5th Sealed deck tournament (6 packs per player) $25.00 entry fee Registration begins at 10AM, and the tournament will start at 11AM SHARP!!!!!

For those of you who didnt make it to the prerelease today, we unfortunately do not have enough product left over to do a sealed deck tournament tomorrow. We do have enough to do TWO 8-man draft pods though. The first 16 people in the door tomorrow at 9am will be able to draft Avacyn Restored.

The Avacyn Restored pre-release WILL be held here at the store on Saturday 4/28 and Sunday 4/29! Please let us know if you would like to pre-register (no money down, this is just a commitment to show up), and we will add you to the list. Registration on that day begins at 9am, and the tournament will start at 10am! $25 entry fee.

4/9/2012 Headcount
We need to gauge the interest in the Avacyn Restored Pre-Release we are having on April 28th and 29th! If you have not already put your name down to preregister, please call the store during normal business hours to add your name to the list! The first 54 people for Saturday April 28th qualify for the mysterious prizes inside the Helvault! Dont delay.

4/8/2012 Closed Easter Sunday
We will be closed on Easter.

Triple Play is finally able to host a Magic: the Gathering Pre-release event! Join us on April 28th and 29th for the Avacyn Restored Prerelease event. More details as they become available!


The Magic tournament that was originally scheduled for January 14th has been pushed back one week to the 21st due to conflicting gaming in the area. Now, do I go to Winter Weirdness, or the Star City Invitational Qualifier??? hmmm.... :)

January events have been updated on our calendar, as well as a sneak peek at February! These are subject to change. We look forward to seeing you!

12/2/2011 December Events
The following events are taking place in December! More details for each can be found in the Store News forum.

Saturday 12/3/11 -2011 CANPOCALYPSE food drive! (Warhammer 40k Apocalypse event) 10am

Saturday 12/10/11 -Hordes Domination Steamroller! 10am $7 entry fee

Sunday 12/11/11 -2011 Yankee Swap 12 noon

Saturday 12/17/11 -Magic: the Gathering Standard tournament. 10am $10.00 entry fee. Top prize is a sealed box of Innistrad!

Stay tuned for more!

11/16/2011 No board games tonight (Wednesday, 11/16)
There will be no board games tonight (Wednesday, 11/16) at the store. The carpet is all wet and the store is a mess (leaky pipe)

7/1/2011 July Events
We will be closed on Sunday the 3rd, but join us on the 10th for Ameritrash Sunday! Free to all!

Triple Play has several tournaments coming up in the month of July:

Saturday July 2nd is a 35pt Warmachine/Hordes tournament! 10am, $10.00

Saturday July 9th is 2000pts Warhammer 40k! 10am, $10.00

Saturday July 16th is Legends of the Five Rings at 12 noon, $5.00

5/22/2011 L5R Before the Dawn Release Event Sun 22nd May
L5R Before the Dawn Release Event Sun 22nd May, 12-6pm. See the forum for more details

2/21/2011 Please check out our Forum for events
<-- Please check the forum for events.